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JCP South Africa is the leading consultancy in training organisations and individuals in partnering and cooperation

Our work is to help organisations grow the skill to build cooperative relationships for better results.

For organisations that need to work together it's the skills to grasp the benefits of optimised supply chain relationships. For internal departments it means the skill to move from competitive to cooperative working technologies.

It is a way of working where a strategy is put in place to:

  • marshal diverse skills and focus them on a common goal
  • release energies for implementation and innovation often jammed or withheld by unhealthy competition
  • create working environments where the synergy of people delivers results beyond the ordinary.

JCP achieves this result by:

  • modelling with organisations and individuals the behaviours needed to make partnering work
  • putting in place an operational plan to sustain the change to cooperative working
  • providing the mechanisms for ongoing coaching to change the way of working from competitive to collaborative.

The outcome is a growth of the Relational Capital that helps distinguish great projects and achievements from the merely good.