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JCP South Africa was established in 1998 as a sister company to JCP (International) in the UK, JCP (South East Asia) and JCP (Australia).

The founder of JCP is John Carlisle, a pioneer of behaviour-based negotiation skills which he applied in training thousands of people at Motorola, Xerox, Chrysler and other organisations in the US and the UK in the 1970’s and 80’s.

Following the 1999 publication of his seminal book on partnering, Beyond Negotiation, he was asked by Shell to work with them in the North Sea to develop co-operative relationships with their suppliers. From here he was asked to facilitate partnering in the engineering and construction industries in the UK where poor relationships were bedevilling the outcomes of multibillion-pound projects.

Today, JCP works in several related sectors - developing competency in co-operative behaviours that will release innovation and cut waste; developing constructive relationships and building trust; helping organisations get the best out of their meetings and communications.

JCP’s success is built on the approach it has developed in working on more that 250 projects across the world since 1990. This experience has shown that competency in co-operative working (building an organisation’s relational capability) is a far more powerful strategy for effective delivery than competition.

Our intent is to help organisations develop value-driven relationships externally with suppliers and contractors, and internally with colleagues, to improve the effectiveness of projects being implemented or planned.

Forming and working in alliances with other organisations towards a single goal is a new challenge for many in the public and private sectors. Critical to the success and creativity of these alliances are three factors:

  • competency in co-operating with each other at a personal and organisational level
  • behaviours that support problem-solving and innovation
  • the ability to deal with conflict.