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Our goal is to build partnerships that make South Africa prosper.

In some cases these partnership may be internal - between divisions, departments or units of an organisation to lift performance through cooperation. At other times, it will be external partnerships - between clients and their suppliers to optimise the supply chain.

In all cases our goal is better delivery, improved execution.

Our approach

  • We set out to help people change their behaviour. No easy ride, but essential if there is to be a real difference
  • We help people experience the change they want - how it feels to work cooperatively and what it can deliver
  • We put in place a system - processes that are replicable by all players - to reinforce this cooperative way.

Our process

  1. We start by gaining some understanding of the dynamic and culture of the people and the organisations we are to work with (through affirmative interviews)
  2. Working with this knowledge, we set up and facilitate a workshop with all the key players to determine how they are going to manage and work in a new way - cooperatively
  3. In the workshop, the partners develop a Charter or Covenant to fix the commitment to cooperation and mechanisms to think, work and learn together
  4. The also put in place a structure to manage forward the Charter and a conscious strategy of co-operation and continuous improvement
  5. Post workshop, there will be a mini or review session after 3 and 6 months to refresh and identify any areas that need attention.

Our training products

Collaborative Partnering (one- to two-day workshop)
A learning experience where the cooperative ways of working across organisational boundaries are explored and a strategy put in place to help the supply chain partners focus on a mutual goal that delivers superior results for all.

Internal Partnering (one- to two-day workshop)
>Cooperation creates results! Forging the cooperative behaviours that create an environment free of internal competition, releasing innovation and focusing all individuals and teams on the common goal for results above the ordinary.

Supply Chain effectiveness (two-day workshop)
Unlock the value. Building the trust that will deliver on the potential for outstanding results that a collaborative supply chain can contribute to any organisation.

Change Management
Change behaviours to change results. Any change management initiative needs to address the core issue: it must be accompanied with a change in behaviours to be effective and sustainable.

Team development and alignment (One to two-day workshop)
Not just team building! Last team building day ended up as a bunch of photographs? To really build effective teams it is vital to adopt the behaviours that create an environment of cooperation, innovation, aligned goals and a strategy to maintain and sustain continuous improvement.

Interactive Skills (one-day workshop)
Same old unproductive meetings? This is a measurable set of behavioural skills that, once learnt, will change unproductive interactions into effective meetings that make decisions and reach conclusions.

Building effective relationships (one-day workshop)
Relational Capital helps distinguish great projects and achievements from the merely good. Building this relational capital (and using it) means understanding how to grow the cooperative behaviours necessary to forge and sustain effective, value-producing relationships.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a meeting.